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ON Your Terms

The RollUp app lets YOU set your budget and schedule

No Upfront costs

Post jobs with photos from your phone

No more paying for quotes


RollUp connects you with Haulers with based on your Haul request

No more quote hunting!

Local Haulers

Join RollUp as a trusted Hauler and start earning today!


Everything from communication to payment is handled through the app

How RollUp Works

  • 1) Post a Job with a photo - Easy as 1-2-3
  • 2) RollUp connects local Haulers based on your budget and schedule
  • 3) Hauler navigates to your pickup location
  • 4) Hauler uploads a photo to show the Job is complete
  • 5) Rate your Hauler with the option to leave a tip for a job well done

Game-Changing Features

Save Money

RollUp pairs you with Haulers based on
your budget, not established rates

Save Time

No more calling for quotes. We connect
you with local Haulers

In-App Negotiation

Submit counteroffers to find the right match

Become a Hauler

Got a vehicle and like Hauling? Join and
start earning today!


Communicate directly with your
Hauler with the in-app chat feature

Real-Time GPS Navigation

RollUp connects Haulers and customers based on real-time GPS location

Credit Card Processing

Transactions are processed securely and seamlessly through the app

Support the Community

RollUp Haulers are helping keep the community clean

Trusted Haulers

All RollUp Haulers have passed background checks.

Why Join as a RollUp Hauler?

No Vehicle Type Requirement--

Whether you have a truck, a sedan, or an SUV, you can join as a Hauler.  If you can handle it, you can haul it!

Find Jobs Easily --

Get notified when a job is added nearby

Repurpose for Cash --

Most junk removed can be repurposed and sold for cash. Ultimately, it's up to you!

Flexible --

Haul as a great side hustle, or even as your main hustle. Your choice!

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  • When Haulers Compete, You Win!
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